About Us

The Dale and Darcy Band is composed of veteran acoustic musicians who play together at farmer's markets, fairs, festivals, weddings, in bars and taverns and anywhere people appreciate a lively tune. Their music is clean, crisp and clear. They have entertained guests every Saturday at The Von Trapp Family Brewery and Bakery since 2011 and it is during that time that they developed the sweet harmonies and uncomplicated tunes you will find on their CDs. The tenor banjo, fiddles, mandolin, guitar and vocals create a sound that is pleasing to listen to, to dance to or to have playing quietly in the background. While some of the tunes are familiar favorites, others are simply their favorites, the tunes that have made a lasting impression on them all.

Dale and Darcy

About Dale and Darcy

Dale and Darcy Cahill are a husband and wife team who have been playing music since their teens. Dale sings and plays mandolin and guitar. Darcy plays fiddle and penny whistle. They met at a bluegrass festival and have been playing old-timey, bluegrass, and Irish music ever since.

About the band

Neil Rossi is an Dale and Darcy Bandaward-winning fiddler and teacher. He also plays tenor banjo, 5-string banjo, mandolin, and guitar. His career spans more than 5 decades and he has played throughout New England. He is a valued member of the Dale and Darcy Band and a good friend.

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Will Patton has been playing all kinds of music for over 30 years now, including celtic, jazz, rock and roll, bluegrass and Brazilian choro. He is in demand as a jazz bass player and session mandolinist in his home state of Vermont and has performed and taught from Fairbanks, Alaska to Key West, Fla., Pacific Palisades to Paris.

Alternating with Will Patton is talented Vermont bassist and guitarist Ed Sutton. Ed plays a variety of musical styles but is particularly fond of bluegrass and Celtic.