More than ten years ago, bluegrass music brought Dale and Darcy together. Dale and Darcy Darcy was playing the fiddle and Dale was playing both guitar and mandolin, just not in the same place or at the same time. They started learning some waltzes because they liked them. Asked to play at a friend’s wedding their duo was born. Since then they have learned countless tunes as a duo and eventually joined forces with Neil Rossi. They now play as a duo, a trio and sometimes, with their friend Bill Patton or Ed Sutton, they play as a quartet.

They have since played for nuptials in the woods, on bridges, in barns, under tents, on mountains and in churches. They are honored to have played for all of these intensely personal and beautiful ceremonies.

Dale and Darcy About the same time, Dale and Darcy started playing as an après ski duo for The Jeffersonville Tavern. Skiers themselves, it was a natural fit. Playing in Vermont at bars, concerts and festivals has become a regular weekly event for them. They have entertained guests at the Trapp Family resort for over 5 years. While they have expanded their gigs to include out-of-state festivals, private parties, farmer’s markets and Burlington’s First Night, they have stayed true to traditional roots music. Their repertoire is broad and includes Celtic, bluegrass and Americana favorites. They would love to tailor a gig to meet your specific requirements as well as your musical tastes.